The Total Security Process Reengineering:

In the Western world, we are all witnessing in our cities a dramatic rise in new asymmetrical warfare tactics and terrorism methodology. Terrorist acts take place inside Malls, Airports, Railway and Metro Stations, Schools, wherever- even in a street next to us -in our neighborhood. Most of these attacks target and murder scores of innocent and unsuspected citizens who just happened to be at the “wrong place and time” crossing these terrorist’s paths of mayhem. These type of attacks are executed by the “lone wolf” type of terrorists. Latest emerging trends in lone wolf terrorism during the last decade:

•An increase in the number of countries and cities "focal points" targeted by lone wolves
•An increase in the number of victims injured and killed by lone wolves
•Limited effectiveness of law enforcement and counter-terrorism Security plans “by the book”.
•Consistency in the distribution of attacks by "actor types" (loners, lone wolves, and lone wolf packs).

the right answer against “lone wolf” terrorist attacks

Lone Wolfs are individuals undertaking violent acts of terrorism outside a command structure. Lone wolf activism acts to advance the ideological or philosophical beliefs of an extremist group, they act on their own, without directions. It is considerably more difficult for Security officials to gather intelligence on lone wolves, since awareness with routine counter-terrorist tools is not efficient enough. This why such threats and acts have to be analyzed in depth utilizing the best possible methodology and tools available today in order to elevate preparedness to the maximum attainable level, and enhance Security in our societies. Total Security Process Reengineering (TSPR) has the right answer against lone wolf type terrorist attacks

Total Security Process Reengineering

"Resetting your Security ecosystem and Mindset"

The Problem

In today's binary Security ecosystems, the ever evolving coexisting physical and cyber threats continuously challenge outpacing even the best Security infrastructures and process in place.
It is only a matter of time before your Security ecosystem is breached!
New radical and asymmetrical physical threats and an array of freshly minted and utterly destructive cyber war tools are the only reality "behind the scenes". Existing Security ecosystems face the problem of how to fast absorb these ever evolving binary threats by elevating their Security processes, infrastructures, and Human Resources "on the beat".

Results of the evolution

Different Security regulations and procedures exist within the three pillars of any Security ecosystem becoming thus difficult to coordinate and follow complimentary actions. Rapid technological evolution in our era in all physical and cyber infrastructures result in:
* frequent changes in operation modes, workflows and procedures.
* constant creation and evolution of new, non static, but dynamic threats.
*Non immediately clear financial impact and losses.
*Human Resources lagging in such new experiences and training
* the death of Security controls "by the book"!

The Solution

Total Security Process Reengineering (T.S.P.R.) can help you to reset your Security ecosystem by reengineering it. It holistically analyzes, audits, reports and advises upon its findings of your current Security binary subsystems within your Security ecosystem. It minimizes risks and maximizes Security prepardness by eliminating weaknesses and loopholes. It utilizes any existing infrastructures by implementing them to a new holistic process.

Total Security Process Reengineering (T.S.P.R.) assessment and audit of assets and threats, the vulnerability analysis, the reporting and recommendations, are applied simultaneously at the three pillars af any Security ecosystem allowing the production of the desired holistic Security solution.

Advantages of TSPR

It offers the advantage of simultaneous virtual operations of more than one security system in the same time world-widely. Total Security Process Reengineering (T.S.P.R.) follows the model of "Virtual Maintenance Sustainability (VMS) which develops two individual systems as one in parallel relation,where the virtual and the real operation has the same importance in the TSPR Security Operation Management.

Total Security Process Re-engineering (T.S.P.R.) aims at improvements of the processes that exist within and across security systems by means of elevating efficiency and effectiveness. The key to "Total Security Process Re-engineering" is for all security systems agents to look at their security processes from a "clean state" perspective and determine how they can best reconstruct these processes to improve how they conduct and achieve the Total Security Management based on TSPR Model.

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