The right answer against “Lone Wolf” terrorist attacks.

In the Western world –and especially in our cities-, we are all witnessing a dramatic rise in new asymmetrical warfare tactics and terrorism. Terrorist acts take place inside Malls, Airports, Railway and Metro Stations, Schools etc. Most of these attacks target and murder scores of innocent and unsuspected citizens who just happened to be at the “wrong place and time” crossing these terrorist paths of mayhem. These type of attacks are executed by the “lone wolf” terrorists.

“Lone-wolf” terrorism acts aim to advance the ideological or philosophical beliefs of an extremist group, acting, though, on their own, without directions. It is considerably more difficult for security officials to gather intelligence on “lone wolves”, since awareness with routine counter-terrorist tools is not efficient enough. Moreover, another difficulty in countering “lone-wolf” terrorism is that it lacks a center of gravity. This is why such threats and acts have to be analyzed in depth utilizing the best possible methodology and tools available by elevating preparedness to the maximum attainable level, and enhancing security in our societies.

TSPR has the most effective answer against lone wolf terrorist attacks. It can also provide the necessary protection to states or organizations facing other kinds of terrorism, such as homegrown terrorism or foreign attacks.