Environmental Hazards.

Since 2015 and the Paris Agreement about the climate, the climate change has become a top international security priority. The global warming and the high temperatures have caused severe security problems, as extreme weather events that affect human, state, and international security are observed.

The climate change, which correctly has been renamed to climate crisis, affects the current security situation both directly and indirectly. However, the climate crisis cannot be confronted by the states using conventional means and methods. Therefore, there is a great need for the states to reshape their security strategies by adding the parameter of softer security crises.

Besides the climate crisis affecting directly the security situation, it also causes counterproductive effects. For instance, in several places of the world, the climate crisis has caused, intensification of regional instability, mass migration, scarcity of drinkable water and food etc. Thus, there is a need of a holistic approach which will aim at confronting the contemporary security challenges as they are interrelated and –on several occasions- interdependent. This is why TSPR is extremely important.