Frequently Asked Questions

T.S.P.R. is a methodology that provides holistic security solutions.

T.S.P.R. can address every security threat no matter if the threat is conventional or unconventional, no matter if it uses regular or irregular means.

T.S.P.R. offers to the client safety, security, & stability.

It concerns governments and organizations.

T.S.P.R. helps the client to identify the security system assets and vulnerabilities, along with the security system environment threats and opportunities.

T.S.P.R. uses two analytical tools, (“Out of the box” Analysis, and Gap Analysis), along with three technological tools (Blockchain, Digital Twin, and Binary Total Security Cloud).

Due to the continuous monitoring and follow-up, T.S.P.R. is flexible and adoptable.

T.S.P.R. can be applied to every country. There are no geographical limitations.

Because T.S.P.R. is a personalized methodology, its cost depends on every occasion, as every occasion has different needs and requirements. Please do contact us for further information.

Because it is the most effective security solution, while at the same time it is cost-efficient.